everything you need, nothin' else

The Cow Hollow quickly grew from an idea. An idea that city centre hotels should be good at what they're supposed to be good at.... An incredibly well-equipped room, an airy and light reception area for work, high-end design, free WiFi throughout, and a cosy café to chill in.

COOL. luxurious. And honest

Honest in the sense that what you’ve heard is what you get. And honest in the sense, we wont slap on cheeky amounts for breakfast, for bandwidth-free internet, or for high end amenities.


Less is almost always more. We decided from the very start to focus on what we do best - running the best looking hotel in town ( ...and sweet Jesus, does it look pretty). Leaving DINNER to those who are damn good at it already - i.e. all the amazing restaurants in our hood - means we can keep rates as low as they are. If you’re out and about, we have discounted tie-ups with several local eateries to take advantage of. Or if you fancy keepin’ cosy in the rooms, order what you want from Deliveroo, Uber Eats etc, and once it arrives, we will bring it up to your room. You just put your feet up and wait, shot caller. 

For BREAKFAST, we bring a sumptuous 'grab-and-go' bag up to your room... Eat it there, or take it with you... Dorset Cereals granola (with flaxseed and berry coulis), a yoghurt pot, fresh OJ & fruit, perfectly flaky croissants, and proper barista-quality tea or coffee.