--  Everything You Need To Know About The Hotel  --

A – Aviary Café

Gourmet coffee, tea & hot chocolate are available free of charge in our lower-ground floor Aviary Café, 24/7. Lattes, Americanos, Cappuccinos, Espressos, and hot milk/water are all offered using the 'one-touch' machine. The espresso beans we use are all single-origin, small-batch & change monthly!

B – Breakfast

Let us know what time you'd like breakfast & tea/coffee delivered to your room – either at check in, through WhatsApp, or by ringing us from your room phone.… It's complimentary & available ALL DAY…. Toast, Dorset Cereals Granola, Yoghurt, Croissant, Jam, Milk & OJ.... More than enough for one hungry soul, and a decent start for two. It comes in a nice brown bag & the drinks come in paper-cups, if you fancy taking them to go.

C – Check-Out

We hate strict hotel checking-in and checking-out policies. We do our utmost to make sure hotel rooms are all available early afternoon on the day of arrival, but if you arrive in the morning and there is a suitable, clean room available, you are more than welcome to it. Rooms should be vacated by around 11ish, but feel free to ask our staff on the day if you can have an extra couple of hours, free!

D – Dinner

As we do not have an in-house restaurant, our receptionists can let you know where the best places are to eat locally. We have tie-ups with some of the best Northern Quarter restaurants. Menus will be on your desk. Visit them in person, or if you would like some dinner delivered to your room whilst you're staying with us, please ask reception to check if they have someone available to deliver that evening (they may charge a nominal fee).

E – Easy-Going

We also run a beautiful café, bakery & bookshop 200m down the road. Fancy eggs for brunch, whilst you do a little work? A spot of afternoon tea and a good gossip? Or just somewhere chilled-out to get engrossed in a good novel? – head down to 'Chapter-One'. Its on the corner of Dale St & Lever St (our staff can show you which way it is).... We are offer a 25% discount, for all our guests.

F – Forgotten Bits

If you happen to forget any essentials during your stay, contact reception. We have earplugs, cotton buds / pads, toothbrushes + paste, razors, & feminine hygiene products available for guests who find themselves in need!

G – Gorgeous

That’s you in a nutshell, obviously… However, for all your nailing, waxing, lasering, and eyelashing needs, head down to Manchester's finest salon, The Brazilian Waxing Company ™, to get spruced up. They have two branches either side of the city centre, and offer our guests a 50% discount during their stay. Appointments can be made ahead of time on 0208-123-4332, through their website, or by speaking to reception once you've checked in.

H – Housekeeping

Our lovely housekeepers tidy rooms daily. If you rather they not disturb you in the morning, please press the RED touch-button on the inside of your door lock. They will change your towels only if you leave them on the floor. We are big on sustainability here, so if you're happy to dry them & re-use, great... Global warming is why it rains so much in Manchester, honest.

I – Internet

Each floor is equipped with its very own super-quick fibre optic router. No more sharing the Wi-Fi with a hundred other bandwidth-hoggers. Please select the strongest signal, sit back, and surf your heart out.

J – Juice

Nobody likes those annoying keycard switches at the front door when they check in. So we decided not to have them. But we do ask that you kindly switch off all lights and devices when you leave the room for any reason. We have also installed a range of sockets & USB charging points next to the desks, and some on the bedside lamps, to make your life a little less tangled.

K – Kookies

For those with a post-dinner sugar craving, or pre-bedtime munchies, we offer a free milk & cookies hour in our lobby each evening at 9pm. Grab a choc-chip, down a bottle of semi-skimmed, and run back before the cookie monster gets ya'.

L – Laundry

Although we not not offer a dry-cleaning or laundry service for resident mucky-pups, as of yet, we do have irons and ironing boards guests may borrow. You can find these in the stairwell of each floor. Please return once you’re finished.

M – Melting

We have thermostatic heaters in each of our rooms. They are designed to maintain a constant temperature, but if you are melting / freezing, please adjust using the + / - buttons on the side of the panel. We don’t have air-conditioning at the hotel, we're afraid, mainly because (a) its much greener to open those big beautiful windows for air, and (b) this is Manchester, not Marrakech.

N – Neighborhood

Our address is 57 Newton St, Manchester, M1 1ET, on the corner of Bradley's Court, and right next door to the city's historical police museum. If you'd like to have a copy of the location in your pocket, our reception has free maps to take!

O – Oxygen

All our rooms are non-smoking and linked independently to our state of the art fire alarm via smoke / heat detectors (a £200 fine applies, unfortunately). Do feel free to puff away outside under the hotel canopy, if you desire, Mr. Marlboro-Man.

P – Phones / Reception

We're guessing you have a mobile phone by now, so we wont bother trying to charge you £8/minute to call your gran's landline. Please make use of the phones in your room to speak to reception for anything else, however….. Please note, there is no incoming line into your phone, so friends + family will not be able to ring you directly on it from outside the hotel.

Q – Questions & Complaints

We take our guest satisfaction very seriously – positive or negative feedback being more than welcome. Any comments or complaints regarding your stay at our hotel should be made, in the first instance, to reception (who will in turn inform the hotel's Duty Manager at the time of your stay) and we will rectify the situation immediately. OUR PROMISE.

R – Room Service

The snacks & drinks menu will be on your desk. We try to keep things super cheap (inline with supermarket prices), by operating a 'grab & go' policy. No £9 G&Ts or £4 pringles in the minibar, you'll be glad to see. If you can, please pop down to reception for orders. But if you'd like something brought up, contact us, and if reception staff are available, they will bring it up…... Oh, and there's free still and sparkling water bottles in your room. Keep hydrated, champ.

S – Safe / Security

Underneath your bed. Management cannot accept responsibility for anything of value not stored within it.….. All common areas of the hotel are monitored by CCTV for the safety and security of our guests.

T – TV / Netflix

Each room has a large Samsung Smart-HDTV and complimentary NETFLIX access. If you would like to watch a movie or show on demand, press the 'SMART HUB' button on the remote, & use the directional buttons to navigate to the Netflix App. The TVs are hooked up the internet so the other Apps will work too.

U - Unicorns

Pets are not permitted in any part of the hotel, with the exception of guide dogs… and, quite possibly, unicorns. We would kindly ask guests not to ride their unicorns through the hallways, however.... Unicorn horns & expensive artwork do not mix.

V – Vehicles / Taxis / Parking

There are a number of NCP carparks across the road on Port St (24hrs = £8), and some Pay-and-Display bays directly outside. For Taxis, we would suggest UBER - they have a huge number of drivers in Manchester, so you should be able to get a cab through them in no time. Otherwise, we recommend calling StreetCars (01612287878), or have reception do so for you.  Approx: Airport= £18, Old Trafford= £10, Phones4u / Spinningfields / Royal Exchange Theatre= £4.

W – WhatsApp

If you don’t fancy picking up the phone for any questions / requests, just WhatsApp us on +44 7999 999999 & we will get right back to you. Our staff all multi-task & collectively man our WhatsApp number, the reception desk, help provide local advice, and deliver the room service etc.

X – Xerox

For any printing / boarding card / e-Ticket needs, please email your documents to reception on info@cowhollow.co.uk. We can print colour and B&W, free of charge, of course. Anything confidental– please speak to reception.

Y – Your Wish

....is our command. If you need help finding somewhere to eat, drink, dance, or visit, get in touch with reception. They will be happy to show you how to get to the airport & train station, where to park, free city centre bus routes, where the local theatres and museums are, and interesting facts about the building.

Z – Zzzzzz's

Hypnos mattresses, 400-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, and goose down duvets + pillows come as standard in each room. If you need more earplugs, a firmer/softer pillow, or a hypo-allergenic duvet, please do let reception know either before your arrival, or during it.